Our Company

AMG Printing and Mailing is located in San Antonio, Texas, and has been in business since September 2007. We specialize in printing and mailing of Tax statements, Appraisal notices and Voter certificates.

AMG Printing and Mailing currently prints and mails Tax statements and Appraisal notices for over 60 entities throughout the State of Texas. We also print and mail Voter certificates for over 120 counties.

Aaron Gonzales has been working with County Tax Assessors, Chief Appraisers, and Voter Registrars for 28 years. He started his printing and mailing career as a production coordinator which then escalated into a salesman and now a business owner. He has worked with many deputies over the 28 years that have become Tax Assessors, Chief Appraisers and Registrars. Many of the counties have been with him since the beginning.

Rob Wicks is AMG's computer programmer and IT specialist. After his military career, Rob started in the printing and mailing business. For the last 21 years, Rob and Aaron form a very strong team in the programming, printing and mailing of statements and certificates.

AMG will always do its best to save your county tax dollars. We do not always have the answers, but have the resources in working with so many Assessors, Appraisers, and Registrars to help find the right answer.